The AMA National
Cross-Florida Adventure Ride
October 29/30, 2022

2nd Chance Registration
Opens 12 Noon, August 12

2-Days Coast-to-Coast through Old Florida like you've never seen...

What does "Cross-Florida" mean?

To some it's going from Coast-to-Coast.

To others it's exploring the back roads and countryside across the Sunshine State.

Combine both of those by joining in on the annual DDS Cross-Florida Adventure that will surely expose you to the Florida you never knew existed!

We don't focus on Point A or Point B. We don't focus on how difficult it is, or how fast you are.

What we do focus on is what's in the middle. What you see, what you learn, what you experience. Our goal is to have you know more about Florida than you did when you started the ride. And having an adventure on your motorcycle along the way!

DDS Adventure Rides are back road tours, designed to be 50/50 and suitable for all bikes and all abilities. We even include a full paved route so your friends can join you!

DDS has been bringing dual sport and adventure riders together since 1996, and in all those years we've seen a lot of places and been to a couple of more!

We've found the best local sites, points of interest, out-of-the-way-places and explored the best possible ways to get there combining only the best paved connectors.

(Though sometimes, there are some miles on some slab that we can't help, because that's the only way to get from one spot to another...)

In 2005, with the advent of the increased popularity of the Big Adventure Bikes and the greater number of riders who have yet to develop enduro quality skill-sets, DDS launched into the C-FL, specifically geared towards big bikes, those developing their skills, two-up riders, and just plain anyone who wanted to go "back roads touring" on little used paved and dirtroads in Florida.

Since then we have added the DragonSlayer in 2006, Canyonlands in 2008, and once again DDS leads the way by currently working on The Florida Adventure Trail, a series of loops, that when connected, will allow you to travel from inside Georgia all the way into the Everglades.

Overall, DDS has 16 different Cross-Florida routes with varying themes criss-crossing the State. What one will be happening any given year will be a mystery until released. So grab your gear and load your bike. You're going to see The REAL Florida like no one else does!

Let's Get To It!

2022 C-FL

Cracker Classic Adventure

Oct 29 & 30, 2022

Leaving From Daytona, FL

(Details Will Be Provided To All Registered Riders)

GPS ONLY. No Route Sheets.

GPS Tracks Will Be Provided One Week From Event Date

Designed for big bikes like GS1200, Tiger 800, Super Tenere, Africa Twins, smaller bikes like XT250, DRZ400, KLR650, those that like to ride 2-Up and those that like to go back roads touring!

Two Options Available, So There's One For You!

1. Adventure Option:

Is a combination of scenic dirt roads and paved roads through the countryside. (No Trails)

2. Street Option:

This option gives you the same great backroads tour but using an all-paved road route .

(Best Choice If You Have A Passenger Unless You Are Comfortable Riding Sandy Dirt Roads)

Leaving from the East Coast, you will travel through small towns with historical significance. You'll see the Atlantic in the morning and watch the sun set over the Gulf of Mexico. You will learn about Florida history along the way, and by utilizing your POI book, you'll be able to keep track of where and what you are seeing and it's importance in Florida history. So if you like to ride the back roads and enjoy local history this is for you!

Along the way enjoy scenic views, old buildings, historic sites, and more.

At the end of the day there's plenty of time for sharing of stories.

There are plenty of hotel options for the end of the day, we'll provide you with a list of lodging options ahead of time so you can make reservations. Lodging is on your own. If you're a camping person, you'll have to do some research into camping areas.

Day 2 you can ride the route backwards or enjoy a scenic paved ride back to Daytona, or you can just head back to where you need to go.

What To Expect

Saturday 0730: We will have a common place to meet and sign in, everyone can start from there. This is not a guided ride where you follow the leader.

This is a self guided tour, as navigation is part of the fun. You will be provided maps and GPS tracks

Sunday: You can head out anytime you wish and from there you can head home.

This is an AMA National Event

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