A Southern Tradition Since 1996
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About DDS

DixieDualSport began in 1996 as the WDSRC: Withlacoochee DualSport Riders Club.
Back  then, there were no outlets for dual sporting news, organizations and very few
events. In 1995 the only event in Florida was during Bike Week, and combining that
with the only other Southern Event in Georgia, meant there were two, and only two dual
sport events for riders!

We've come a long way since 1996. After starting as just a bunch of guys who wanted to
find others that shared their passion for on-off road riding, the WDSRC groundswell of
Florida riders grew every year as word spread of a club and events for dual sporting.

There were so many riders joining us from outside of Florida looking to the WDSRC for
dual sport and adventure riding information, the name was changed to DixieDualSport to
embrace the growth and the riders from throughout the South East!

DDS has grown through the years to become a rider centric organization, focused on
riders, events for riders, and community service. Each year we give back to the
community and work with other user groups to promote motorcycling and dual sport
riding is a positive light.

These activities include working with hunting and fishing enthusiasts at the annual
Richloam Forest Clean-up where we work together to haul tons of trash our of our
forest each and every year!

Our Ride for School Supplies gather donations for the neediest of schools in our riding

Each fall we have our Gobbler Adventure For Foster care where we receive donations of
gift cards that are given to a local Foster Care agency to assist in the purchase of holiday
gifts for kids who do without.

You'll find other forums and groups on the web, but you won't find a group of riders as
dedicated and caring as those members of the DDS Family. We look as riding as a
privilege, not a right, and do our best to put our best foot forward to present dual sport and
adventure motorcyclists in a positive light, not only to other forest users, but also to the
land agencies that grant use permits for events, and also to the residents that live in
around the forests. It's their home, and we're only visitors.

Here at DDS, we consider each other family.

Where a handshake seals a deal, and a man is only as good as his word.

Old time southern homespun values. Responsible Riders, Responsible Neighbors.

And just like any lesson in life, you get out of it what you put into it.

So come join us, be part of our family.